State of the Art Software
Dataloc utilizes the state of the art O'Neil record storage/retrieval system software. This provides our customers with a web based access system.

We serve you better through the Internet. With RS-Web we provide true web access not a replicated database. You can place and track your service requests, complete data entry and print reports quickly and easily. Most importantly, you never have to leave your desk. RS-Web brings Dataloc to your office and puts the power of information at your fingertips.

Tri-Level Billing
Three levels of accounts for very detailed multi-level cost management. This means there can be a
parent account, each department (Accounting, Payroll, etc) as sub-levels, and different departments within the sub-levels (receivables, payable etc).

User Define Language
Do you want to be charged flat rates for storage or services? Do you need volume based quantity breaks? Are you used to being charged by the square foot instead of by the item? Do you want to be charged quarterly for services and monthly for storage?

We can customize the rating to reflect your financial requirements

This Microsoft based program has built in user friendly queries that making it easy to search through user defined fields. Why pull 20 boxes when our powerful search engine can narrow down to possibilities to produce exactly what you require.